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Run Coaching

How I coach and work with athletes:


I have been working with runners and endurance athletes for nearly 9 years to help them achieve new heights of endurance and physical performance. I coach athletes both via online coaching and in-person if you're local to Colorado.

I believe strongly that if you're looking to hire a coach, there shouldn't be restrictions on how often you can access their knowledge. That model has never made sense to me. If we work together, ask me all your questions, let's get out for a run together, and most importantly, let's grow!


Photo © Believe in the Run

If you are ready to step up and tackle a new distance or set a PR at your current distance, I can help. I work closely with all my athletes to ensure they are getting everything they need out of a coach. I don't believe in limiting communication like others in the industry do... so if you have a question, ask it and I will respond as soon as possible! 

Paired with a Masters Degree in Adult Education and years of study in the fields of coaching, running, and biomechanics, I bring the latest and most up-to-date practices into my athletes' schedules.

If you have a specific race in mind or are just starting to think about a new challenge, the first step is a free phone call (or coffee... or beer!) to discuss your goals.   

After the initial consultation, I charge a flat rate of $175 per month which is all-inclusive and provides you a weekly updated schedule on a cloud-based scheduling platform and open communication whenever you need it.



A little more than a week ago, I ran my first Ultra. Antelope Canyon 50 mile. I know there will be many more. I had such a great day. I showed up at the start more prepared than I have been for anything else in a very long time thanks to this fantastic community that I belong to of ultrarunners, and even more so to my friend and coach, Don Reichelt. Because of Don, I got to show up at the starting line not only confident that I would finish, but that I would finish strong. I am so grateful and honored to have such an asset. And couldn't have done it without him. 
If you want to run an Ultra, get involved in this community. If you want to run it like I did, 31st overall of 205 for my first 50 mile (10:34.12), find a coach, take advantage of their knowledge, experience, and planning. 

Don Reichelt an Leo Lesperance at the finish line of a 50 mile ultramarathon

Leo Lesperance with Coach Don Reichelt on right

Endurance Coaching: Testimonial
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